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MoDaddy Blogs from X-Games

XGAME Gold medal,,, would you like to know what it feels like??? I can tell ya what it feels like ,, but to win one , you have to ask Travis or my roxy girlfriend Torah,, But one night there it was ,,, just laying all alone on Travis bed,, No one around ,, what do you think I did? Thats right ,,it went around my neck so fast and I took off looking for my camera,,,, But while I was taking pics of myself I started thinking about all the people who went out and bought fake trophies and super bowl rings pawned by someone who had to payoff his sportscar,,, I started to feel a little empty inside,,,, I now know how someone who cheated or took drugs to better themselves feels,,, But I can tell ya,,,, Travis and Torah worked hard all year and deserve more than just a medal!!! Ohyea,, that was the medal that you guys voted for, so yes, I put it back,,, but I voted for it too!! Aspen is a cool little town,,, lots of new snow,, and more coming,, If I get snowed in , I cant go to vegas for the snow show,, How can you get snowed in and miss a snow show,, too funny!!! We did a team signing at the quikstore,, team Travis and roxy girls,,,, The store was jamming,, people from all over the world,,, The store peeps were working it,, must be nice to work there then go boarding everyday,,, we stayed to watch the superpipe and saw a flying tomato pulling off some crap,,,, but I am like Todd richards,,,, Shaun white did not win by a hole point 91.66 to 90.66 kevin Pearce should have a 92.00 then,,,, just because shaun has a big( target) on his helmet , doesnt mean he should win!!!! Oyea,,doesnt he skate too?? The next day ,xgames were done,, so Travis and some friends went to do 2 runs , we had to be out of our condo before 12pm... well the 2 runs turn into 10 runs,,,, I was told it was 6ft and glassy,,, well then,,, that okay,, I knew what he ment then!! The last part of the storm was over us and i needed to make it to the interstate 15,, before dark,,, that didnt happen!!!! Travis did something that its hard to belive,,, he bought me lunch,,, Its true , he is a real cowboy,,, born in jackson wy,,,, real cowboys , no brokeback mt boys there!!! We had to get on the rd cause travis had to be there to make the transworld awards party,,,,, Vegas,,,,,,If that ment putting on chains then so be it ,, I am a cowboy Too!!! So thats how i can win that medal,,,just get Travis down the hill to Vegas!!!!