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Tim O'Connor Interview

Birthdate: 10,950 some odd days ago Home: Earth, New Jersey Sponsors: Habitat Skateboards, adidas, Quiksilver, Bones Bearings, Venture Trucks, Liberty Boardshop MySpace or Facebook: I truly don't have a MySpace or Facebook so if you're talking to a Tim O'Connor on there, it's not this Tim O'Connor. What special quirks do you have when setting up a board? I'm pretty mellow. I don't have to do anything out of the ordinary when setting up a board. I put a booger under the grip sometimes for good luck. What's the difference between East Coast and West Coast skating? The difference is 3 hours and 3,000 miles. Otherwise we're all part of the same gang doin' the same thang...somewhat. What's your favorite part in Eastern Exposure 3? Donny Barley's for sure. What's your take on contests? I used to like them. Then I began to despise them. But now I think I might want to start skating some again. Recommended reading? Anything that makes you smarter when you're done with it. What music have you been listening to? I have the sound of the dial-up internet being logged into on my iPod. I listen to that a lot and get nostalgic. I'm listening to Stefan Janoski twangin' out some tasty riffs right in a blues like fashion. Feelin' it in my bone marrow. Best live show or concert you've ever seen? Sage Francis live is good. Gwar are true entertainers as well. What was your first pro graphic? It was some artwork that Natas Kaupas did. It was a pig. Kind of random, but that's what it was. Favorite trick to do? I like everything, but the basics always bring a smile to my lil' white face. Back tailslides and just a nice proper kick flip down some stairs. Do you have any pets? I've got one dog with two heads and three testicles. I love him...them. Favorite movies? Definitely feeling There Will Be Blood right about now. Arthur with Dudley Moore is a real good one that I need to purchase soon actually for the archives. Skate videos that get you hyped to skate: I like the Baker videos. I just saw the most recent one...the Deathwish promo thingy. Feelin' it. Places to eat? Depends where I'm at, but I eat pizza everyday of my life for the most part. There's slammin' pizza all over the place by where I live. When I'm on the West Coast, I make love to the fine Mexican cuisine. Skaters that have influenced you: Mike Carroll, Natas Kaupas, a ton of others and my friends that are Goddamn good. Something you could wear everyday: White T and some brown pants with black hoofs. And a condom for safety reasons. Best place ever to skate: China is pretty good but the air quality is vicious and probably shortens the life span exponentially. TV Shows: Curb Your Enthusiasm, Penn & Teller's Bullshit, Cash Cab. When you