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Mo Daddy Blogs from SIA and the Transworld Snowboarding Awards in Las Vegas

Getting off the Mountain today is going to be like ,kelly getting ready for his heat for #9,,, or Tony hawk doing a 900 one last time,, or Travis getting ready to do his last run for gold,, or Peter Mel paddling out in the eddie for the big one,,, But you know I keep telling pete I ride a 40 footer everyday!!!! (The Bus) ,, When its Black ice on the road, anything goes,, and I mean goes!!! I think going down hill is the worst,,, I seen some bad things driving around the world,,, I still dont know why they drive on the wrongside of the road overseas,,, So I am not joking when I say JUMP !!!!! we said our goodbyes and headed to Las vegas,,,, I had to shut my eyes sometimes just to make sure I was awake!! we left at 4PM and I new I couldnt get to the 15 by dark,,, But Travis and sarah,, tried to keep me going,, One late night truck stop was all they could take!! Driving on the 70 to the 15 had everything, wind,,,rain,,,ice,,,black ice,,,, snow,, deer,,,,, yes deer, big deer,,ELK,,,, But to keep me going was thinking how bad I hate vegas,,, I love to hate vegas,, vegas loves me,,, thats where I pay my Taxes!!!!! Well we made it down to the 15 but ,yes the roads are clear, but the wind,,, I thought everything on the roof was going to fly off!!! But with my arms falling off , I saw the light,,, anybody been to vegas knows what I mean!!!! I think I saw the lights 100 miles out!! allright its 2am,, Hotel calling my name,,,, Next day Travis woke me up and we went downstairs and ate the biggest vegas brunch ever,,, and thanks Sarah Burlingham for paying for it!!!!!! We went to the S,I,A show.....snow show!! there were alot of people walking around there,,, It was funny walking with Travis ,, People would stare,,, but wouldnt say anything,,, they knew who he was ,, because when he left the show everybody came to me to get a poster signed,, thank god slater or Hawk wasnt there<<< but his time is coming,,,OR HERE NOW,,,, Did you here about the TRAVIS RICE SHOW transworld awards,,,he won everything but the girls and rookie of the year,,, I felt a little sorry for him,,, biggest night so far but he had to get up at 5am to fly to snowbird to build a jump,,,,,and yes he did!!! Well hanging with the reps at a tradeshow , and a vegas tradeshow at that, can be a whole different movie!! I dont know how they can show the line all day ,, then take clients out to dinner at all times of night,,, then back again in the morning to start all over again 4 days in a row!!! Its was so good to see Bob Mcknight do his thing,, He is my moses,, and Tom Holbrook knowing all about the vegas life to leave it alone,, if only he can teach my man rosenburg to stay alive during vegas ,, (dave you work to hard) and mr Banta ,,you picked a wrong time to go on a diet!!! (foodpoison) We only lost one guy,,,, E,B are you still there ,,,I will find you....