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Watch: Griffin Siebert's SUPER8JOURNAL JAPAN

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Words by Griffin Siebert

Last year, I was lucky enough to get invited on a trip of a lifetime.

My good buddy Austen Sweetin wanted to summit Mount Rishiri in the country of Japan and asked if I'd join. Rishirifuji is straight out of a fairy tale. It's a 360-degree island with a beautiful volcanic peak right in the middle of it — pretty much a gigantic floating mountain.
This would actually be my second time visiting this beautiful place. A few years ago, Bryan Fox and I took a ferry there in early January and somehow scored some blue skies. That trip was just a little tease, because I knew all along that I wanted to come back, spend more time on the island and try to climb to the summit.
Austen assembled an amazing crew of humans — Taylor ‘Shad” Carlton, Jason Robinson, Jesse Grandkoski, Endo, Sean Lucey, and myself. We snuck this trip right in before the entire world shut down from Covid-19. Looking back, it was crazy how lucky we got.

All I can say is the sun and snow gods blessed us this time.

We scored an amazing warm-up summit of Mount Yotei in Niseko right before we embarked to Rishiri, then continued to get lucky with good weather and beautiful skies. Sunshine is quite a rarity on this mountain floating in the middle of the ocean — storms seem to engulf the whole thing out of nowhere — but our crew was blessed with many amazing days, sunsets, summits and pretty good snow.
I brought my super 8 camera with me to document the adventure. This video acts as more of a diary entry to recap the amazing trip, and I hope you enjoy it. A huge thank you to Austen for inviting me on a trip I will never forget.
Cheers to more adventures, either close to home or to foreign peaks on the horizon.