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Watch: The Grand Finale Of Travis Rice’s Natural Selection Tour


At this point, it feels like overkill to say that it’s been a strange snow season.

However, strange doesn’t necessarily mean bad. A lot of good things have come out of this season. Not least of those things is Travis Rice’s Natural Selection Tour, which Quiksilver is proud to support.

After years of development  — and up to a decade of the idea bouncing around Travis' brain — 2021 will be remembered in snowboarding as the year of NST’s birth. The Tour kicked off in February in Jackson Hole. Then it went to Baldface. Then it went to the Tordrillo Mountain Range in Alaska for the grand finale.

Here’s how that worked:

The Tour ran a head-to-head format in Alaska for both the men’s and women’s semifinals and finals. Over two days, each rider selected three massive runs from the peaks of Tordrillo Mountains for each match-up. Judges scored each run in real time on location keeping the top score from each rider. They applied the same criteria as in Jackson Hole and Baldface to score based on overall impression focused on the difficulty of a rider’s chosen line, the size of the features they hit, combined with the variety and execution of tricks in the line.

The Natural Selection Tour crew packaged up all the action, madness and drama from Alaska, and we are now premiering it for the very first time. Right here, right now. Let’s go.

Who's ready to crown some champions?