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This Is Livin! Ft. Koa Rothman

@koarothman just released the first 11 episodes of an appropriately titled video series that gives you a behind the scenes look into his charmed life - Come back here to find the series as it rolls out.

Episode 11: 

"Africa Part 2"




Episode 10: 




Episode 9: 

"Late Season Swell"





Episode 8: 

"Training Day"




Episode 7: 

"Fiji Pt 4"


Episode 6: 

"Fiji Pt 3"



Episode 5: 

"Fiji Pt 2"



Episode 4: 

"Fiji Pt 1"


Episode 3: 

"Home Pt 3"


Episode 2: 

"Home Pt 2"

On this episode Koa and friends find fun things to do besides surfing.


Episode 1: 


This is the first Episode of a series Featuring Koa Rothman and friends as they travel the world searching for the best waves and good times.