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Blank Canvas | Andy & Andy

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A collection made by Andy Davis For Andy Nieblas.

Quiksilver's Original Boardshorts have housed some of surfing's most iconic designs. Blank Canvas invites creators from around the world to give them a unique twist. This edition showcases the collaboration of Andy Davis and Andy Nieblas. A surfer and an artist who has made a name for themselves creating unique lines.


Quiksilver’s Blank Canvas initiative invites artists from around the world to leave their mark on our most iconic item: The Original Boardshort.

A Collection by Andy Davis for Andy Nieblas. Sun drenched, laidback classic California styles.


Andy Davis and Andy Nieblas share their creative lines.

Andy Nieblas looking for waves and good times in Baja California. Explore the Blank Canvas collection, featuring art designed by Andy Davis, inspired by Andy Nieblas.

Blank Canvas is where art meets our Original Boardshort, an icon of expression. Opening up the Original Collection to creatives across the world, providing them with a space for expression.