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Watch: Blud Brothers

Blud Brothers

Warm water. Fresh coconuts. Cold beers. Cool sites. Good friends. Good times. Waterfalls. Boardshorts all day and all night. Add in a healthy mix of waves
— some serious, some fun —
and you’ve got yourself a dream trip.


There’s a reason why one of Puerto Rico’s nicknames is la Isla del Encanto, which translates to the Island of Enchantment.
Micky Clarke recently went there to meet up with fellow Quik surfer and PR local Rolando Montes.
Hunter Martinez and Claire Murphy came along to document it, and the result is pretty much enchanted.


A fast, fun edit and some cool photos?
That’s exactly what we need right now to keep the vibes high and the positivity flowing
As Rolstie puts it: “I hope everyone that watches it enjoys it as much as we enjoyed creating it.”