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Mat Crepel And A Surf Trip Like No Other


Surfing, at best, is probably 10% riding waves.

And while there is nothing quite like the zen of dancing around on walls of natural energy, it’s the other 90% of surfing that is responsible for creating most of our memories. It’s the nights out. Or the early mornings out. And the new trips, the new friends, the new experiences. It’s what shapes our culture and leaves us forever hungry for the next adventure.

Just ask Mat Crepel.

Mat and friend Damien Castera recently did a trip to the north. Like, the far north. Where arctic winds blow and the passing of time takes on a different pace.

Rest assured, he remembered to pack his 5 mil wetsuit and Highline Mountainwear kit.

And how did the trip pan out? Well, we don’t want to give anything away. Just hit play and see for yourself.


Production : When we were kids - @whenwewerekids__
Photos : Greg Rabejac
Videos : Pierre Frechou - @la.frech