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WATCH: Sammy Carlson in North of Now

snow -

” I constantly remind myself to stay in the moment. You have to look outside of your everyday to stay inspired. Skiing, boarding, surfing, it’s all fun to me.

Sammy Carlson

Last winter, with borders shut down and no travel in sight, Sammy and filmmakers Brody Jones and Dann Leblanc hunkered down in British Columbia. As consistent storms blanketed the region, Sammy explored his storied backyard, floating through fresh snow and sending it deep off anything in his path. Far from sea level, Sammy found rhythm in the mountains inspired by the waves.

When winter receded, Sammy emerged with North of Now, a testament to the ebb and flow the Oregon native finds not only on his skis, but on his surfboard.

 Pushed forward purely by his love of making turns, North of Now captures Sammy’s constant, driving momentum. His explosive-yet-controlled finesse on the gnarled faces and cascading pillow lines of British Columbia. And his unrivaled ability to distill the noise of his surroundings into a perfect harmony with every move his makes.