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Bryan Fox


Bryan Fox was reared in the eastern most reaches of San Diego County, in a dusty little place called Ramona. Ramona is far from any sort of breeding ground for great snowboarders, more like dirt bikers and chicken farmers. That said, Bryan high tailed it to Oregon the day after he graduated high school where he lived in his car and snowboarded every day. Fox broke onto the scene in Neoproto's Some Kinda Life with a stellar part, and has continued to produce year after year with the Neoproto turned Mack Dawg People crew. Bryan has never smoked a cigarette, and has no more than tasted alcohol. Aside from strapping into his snowboard and pushing his skateboard, Bryan loves America, heavy metal, and the full spectrum of the color black.



Quik ID Test

Home Mountain: Don't have one. Bummer, eh?

Years Snowboarding: 10

Sponsors: Quiksilver, Nitro, Dakine, Active

Setup: A snowboard with bindings on it

Stance: The chosen way

Angles: Front +15, Back -9 Width: 22 *

Hobbies: Skating

Trick Of Choice: Linking turns

Heros: Rusty Russo

Music: Anything to get the heart rate up