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Travis Rice

Born in Jackson Hole and raised in a mountain-obsessed family, Travis Rice was destined to become a snowboarder — but destiny had no idea just what kind of snowboarder Travis would become. Throughout his career, Travis has won X Games medals. He’s won Rider of the Year awards. He’s won stops on the Freeride World Tour. But let’s be honest — none of that is why you know him. Travis’ biggest highlights have come in the form of groundbreaking movies. Through film, Travis has been able to convey the magic and the madness of snowboarding in a universally fascinating way. His movies — including That's It, That's All, The Art of FLIGHT, The Fourth Phase and Depth Perception — shattered the mold and redefined what snowboarding could look like, in terms of both performance and cinematography. Travis’ career has been built around pushing snowboarding's limits while inspiring people to push their own limits along the way.