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Radical Times in France

226526 Views Even just reading the word evokes a waterfall of thought. Wine. Cheese. Casual nudity. Croissants. Edible snails. More wine. Etc. Some of it’s cliché. Some of it’s correct. But all of it weaves together to create a mystique like nowhere else on earth.   We’re bringing the whole crew together to experience it all. Surfers, skaters, snowboarders, musicians and more. From Mike D of the Beastie Boys to Mike Feb of South Africa, we’re setting out to enjoy true France. We’re using ideas as our maps, inspiration as our atlas, and legends like Jeremy Flores as our eyes and ears. We’re doing it right. And you’re coming with us.   ___ Starring Surfers: Jeremy Flores - @floresjeremy Kanoa Igarashi - @kanoaigarashi Leo Fioravanti - @lfioravanti Wiggolly Dantas - @wiggolly Matt Banting - @mattbanting Zeke Lau - @haynsupahman Jesse Mendes - @jesse_mendes Ramzi Boukhiam - @ramziboukhiam Marc Lacomare - @marclacomare Connor O’Leary - @connoroleary Aritz Aranburu - @aritz_aranburu Mikey February - @thevibesaregood Kael Walsh - @kaelwalsh Kehu Butler - @kehu_b Starring Snowboarders / Skaters: Javier Mendizabal - @javiermendizabal Bryan Fox - @bryanwfox Austen Sweetin - @austensweetin Zach Miller - @zakramiller Production: Motion - Vincent Kardasik - @lkrtel Jimmy Graham - @jimmy__graham Dane Burnheim - @danebmesquid Wade Carroll - @wadeecarroll Additional Footage: Greg Manager Edit - Wade Carroll - @wadeecarroll Photograhy - Peter Boskovich - @boskophoto Ryan Heywood - @ryanheywood Chad Wells - @cidoubleyou Music - Victoria - C’est Une Tombeur Shandy Mandies - On Fire Austen Sweetin - Live Piano Presented by: Quiksilver - @quiksilver